Reviewing ‘Radio Apocalypse’ #1 – A Beacon Of Salvation And Sanctuary And A Dazzling Debut Issue

by Olly MacNamee


Ram V and Anand RK’s ‘Radio Apocalypse’ #1 focuses on the last radio station in existence and the community that has built up around it. A beacon of hope as well as a source of comfort for those in earshot. And a salvation for some.


The scenario for Radio Apocalypse #1 is a familiar one; a post-apocalyptic society a la Mad Max or The Walking Dead, sparse, spaced out communities barely surviving. And amongst it all is the community of Bakerstown with its lifesaving radio station. A radio station that broadcasts to its people as well as doubles up as a messaging post to whoever else is out there. And, there are certainly people out there, as we meet a couple on the road and in trouble.

Cali and Tan are two travellers racing against the clock to find sanctuary at Bakerstown, because bey night the wide open roads aren’t safe. This is a scarred landscape and so are the creatures who roam it, savagely brought to life by artist Anand RK, who creates hellish, fleshy, horrifying foes that will make you shudder. Made all the more scary – and fleshy – by colourist Anisha. A colourist who brings a splash of rag-tag colour to the rag-tag town while also suggesting the twilight of the day through a more complimentary colour scheme too. These are just two examples of the masterful colour art that inhabits this book.

Ram V shows his writing skills deftly well by introducing and establishing our cast of characters, as well as hinting at their weakness through the simplest of artistic suggestions. Anand RK’s art has the slightest sense of the abstract to it and his style is very distinct. Full of swirling lines as well as solid architectural discipline as well as slightly skewed perspective in places. It certainly a break from the norm and most welcome for it.

It’s a world very quickly established but one with plenty of mystery to be explored in subsequent issues too, And plenty of backstory to unpick. The radio station may well be the central beacon around which so many gather, but is also the place where stores will be told and secrets revealed.

An emotively charged, beautifully presented first issue and out now from Vault Comics

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