The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 6 – Neil Gaiman And Jeff Jones Bring You Death In ‘A Winter’s Tale’

by Richard Bruton

Another entry in the Comicon Advent Calendar now – this time it’s from 1999’s Vertigo Winter’s Edge 2, which is packed full of seasonal delights. But here, we’re concentrating on Neil Gaiman and the great Jeff Jones‘ ‘Death – A Winter’s Tale’

Jeff Jones, of course, is Jeffrey Catherine Jones, someone Frank Frazetta called “the greatest living painter.” She created beautiful works of art throughout her artistic career and lived a fascinating, yet troubled life.

As a transgender woman, she was a pioneer in the comics field in so many ways. Who knows, if Jones would have been born later, she may have had an easier, longer life in a more accepting world. But sadly this was one of her last comic works (as far as I can tell) before her life took a downward turn. And, although she’d recover and painted again, she passed in 2011. But not before transitioning and finding her true self from 1998.

But remember, it’s not just at Christmas where we should all be accepting of everyone else, let’s try to be kinder and more understanding through the year, this year and every year. We can all be better, do better.

Now, on with the comic tale, as we find ‘Death of the Endless, in a time long before now, as she tells us of the time she decided to just stop doing what she’s meant to do.

Okay, perhaps not so Christmassy, but the thing about Christmas time is that it’s also wintertime and the end of the year. And the old stories have a power when they talk of the old ways, of the folk tales and the traditions that we can still feel, deep in our bones. And so it is here, all with some of the most beautiful art…

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