The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 7 – It’s The Grooviest Christmas With The Teen Titans Baby!

by Richard Bruton

Today’s seasonal something takes us all the way back to 1967, deep into the swinging ’60s, where all the cool kids were down with all the hip things, digging the scene and getting groovy – well, at least the Teen Titans were in The Teen Titan’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol

Oh yes kids, it’s a Christmas Happening, as written by Bob Haney and with art from the master, Nick Cardy with Teen Titans (Volume 1) #13.

Yes, it was the 60s, but seriously, is that really an excuse to go so over the top with the hip, happening thing? Complete with moments like this…

Wonder Chick – seriously, Robin?

It is wonderfully, completely daft, and utterly stupid. You can just imagine all these older men (both Haney and Cardy were in their 40s) grabbing on to anything of the youth culture that they’d heard about.

As for the whole story, well that’s full of the silliness of the times, as well as a huge serving of seasonal sentiment, all based around the Teen Titans stumbling into their very own Christmas Carol, complete with a teen called Tiny Tom Ratchet, whose father works for a junkyard owner named Mr. Scrounge. And of course, Scrounge is in cahoots with some bad guys who are carrying out the wonderfully bonkers plan of turning cool stuff (cars and the like) into scrap and then back into cool cars, all to avoid paying duty on the cars.

Yeah, it makes so little sense, but that’s somehow all part of the charm here.

Having finally worked out that they’re all in their own little version of the Dickens classic, the Teen Titans obviously decide the best course of action is to “haunt” Scrooge.

But all the way through, it’s just hilarious to see the language of the times being shoe-horned in… it’s all fab, groovy, hip, and happening…

Yeah, Robin-o, how COULD anyone have as “marv” a Christmas as you are?

It’s wonderfully dumb stuff, but so much of the time, so cute, so sentimental. And that Cardy artwork… genius…

It all begins as the Teen Titans are relaxing in their HQ a few days before Christmas. Everyone’s content just chilling with comics. Except Robin. Oh no, Robin has to have a copy of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Yeah, you always got the impression that Robin was that sort of kid. You know, the one you really didn’t like at school. The one who always seemed to get better scores on the tests. The one who always seemed to have the proper gear while you were wearing crappy gym shoes from Woolworths. (Sorry, obviously reliving something from my own childhood there!)

Anyway, pull on the rose-tinted shades, light the joss-sticks, get down with the hip, cool kids, and chill, baby… it’s a Christmas happening…

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