Pull List Previews: The Top Five Previews Shared With You

by Olly MacNamee

Going to your local comic book store? Well, you might want to consider picking up these new comic books based on the popularity of the previews alone. Check ’em out for yourselves and consider whether they’re for you or not.

  1. Well, as we are literally one of the only sites to be given the honour of previewing Dynamite Comics’ weekly releases, sp once more previews for its new releases, Vampiverse #5 and Hell Sonja #1, made it onto the list.
  2. Also on the list is BOOM! Studios’ preview for Mighty Morphin #15. and Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer #2.
  3. From IDW Publishing we got Transformers: Wreckers- Tread & Circuits #4 preview.
  4. And, while Marvel didn’t seem to be as popular with our readers this week, DC Comics certainly was, with a good few Batman related titles: Pennyworth #6, Detective Comics #1048, Robin & Batman #3 and Urban Legends #11 and Future State: Gotham #9.
  5. Lastly, IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog : Impostor Syndrome #2 was also a popular preview in a week that saw you, our readers, show an interest in a good variety of different publishers, and genres. The most diverse list yet, albeit for a column that’s only a few weeks old.

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