AfterShock Comics Brings You The Origin Of Santa In ‘The Naughty List’

by Olly MacNamee

What does it take to get on Santa’s infamous naughty list? Well, the newest series from AfterShock Comics tends to tell more in The Naughty List from writer Nick Santora and artist Lee Ferguson.

“I had a family once. A wife who loved me…a child we loved together. That’s all gone now, been gone for hundreds of years. All because of that damn star. My name? It depends on where you live. Some call me Kris Kringle, others Papa Noël, but my real name is Nicholas Sinterklass, and this is the story of what happens when you steal my Naughty List.  

Up on the housetop CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! Down through the chimney with old Saint Nick! 

From the mind of Nick Santora (Jack Reacher, The Sopranos, Law & Order, The Fugitive and Prison Break) and illustrated by Lee Ferguson (SYMPATHY FOR NO DEVILS, Sam and his Talking Gun) comes the Santa Claus origin story we’re sure you’ve never heard before.”

An origin story like no other. And certainly not one you’d expect for good old Santa. Nick Santora tells more:

“THE NAUGHTY LIST is the story of Nicholas Sinterklass (aka Santa Claus) tracking down someone who has stolen his Naughty List and is using it for nefarious purposes. I’m excited for it to come out because I’m not really a comic book guy and have never done anything like this before, so making this book has been an exhilarating experience.

I love Christmas and the Christmas season, but I’m always perplexed when I hear people complain about Christmas and feel that the Christmas season has been getting a bad wrap lately. People complain about having to visit relatives or having relatives visit them. They complain about the gifts they get and how it wasn’t what they wanted, and I just think it’s a great time of year and the inspiration was for Christmas to get tough and punch back. That’s what Christmas does in this book — it punches back at all the complaining and criticism.” 

Look out for The Naughty List #1 out on Wednesday 27th April from AfterShock Comics.

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