Art For Art’s Sake #138: Now With Added Dairy Products Of Destruction

by Richard Bruton

Welcome one and all to another Art For Art’s Sake, celebrating the very best of comic art for a long time now. This week, well, it’s more comic art. And there’s a special focus on the great Evan Dorkin to end.

Okay then, let’s kick things off with a bit of classic Carmine Infantino – man, his covers were something else.

Okay then… on we go, next up, Chris Samnee

Andi Watson – Skeleton Crew –

Bob Layton – one of many Silver Centurion sketches he’s been doing through 2021…

Two from Dan Hipp… DD & Bats…

George Kambadais – Spidey –

David Aja – Spider Gwen –

More Spidey, this time with added Tony Stark – from Daniel Warren Johnson

Two from Dustin NguyenFlintstones #1 and Gotham By Gaslight

Heather Antos – another gorgeous Spidey –

Ivan ReisThe Flintstones #1

J Totino Tedesco – a little arm wrestling against Supes…

Jeremy Brooks – Jubilee and The Child –

Jen BartelShe-Hulk #1 and Crush & Lobo #8

And finally, for your delight, one of my favourites for a hell of a long time and a man who should get a hell of a lot more attention in comics – Evan Dorkin. The creator of Milk & Cheese, Pirate Corp$/Hectic Planet, Dork, Eltingville Club, co-creator of Beasts of Burden, writer/artist for Bill & Ted, and so many more.

Join him on his Patreon, follow him on Twitter

First a few brilliant Milk & Cheese…

And now a few from Dork… where Dorkin’s comedy and darkness came together to give you something absolutely hilarious but also very, very disturbing at times.

And finally, a few of his insanely great commissions…

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