‘Superman & Lois’ Makes A Distracting Mistake

by Frank Martin

The second season of Superman & Lois is turning out to be a good one. Bizarro (Tyler Hoechlin) enters the picture as a main threat, Jordan (Alex Garfin) continues to get more comfortable using his powers, and Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) is toying around with the idea of a super-power drug. And Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) has a villain of her own as she was battles a cult leader who brainwashed her sister.

But with that last plotline, the season made its first misstep.

Five years prior to now, Lois’s sister, Lucy (Jenna Dewan), was struggling to find her way in life and got hooked into a group run by Ally Allstone (Rya Kihlstedt). During some kind of transcendental meditation, Lucy almost overdosed on drugs. Lois saved her, which triggered the reporter to write an article exposing the group as a cult. Now, in the present day, Lucy is recanting her story; putting Lois’s integrity in jeopardy.

In the latest episode, Lucy records Lois without her knowing, which seems to uncover the fact Lois wasn’t telling the whole story five years back. But this revelation doesn’t land as hard as the characters imply. Lucy was dying, regardless of what kind of strange drug-induced meditation she was performing. Lois did not compromise her integrity by leaving it out of her article, which is what was implied when Lois’s partner (Sofia Hasmik) felt betrayed by this new development.

The Lois storyline by itself is not a bad one. In fact, attacking Lois as a reporter is a neat way to put a real threat to the family that doesn’t involve superpowers. Nevertheless, the revelation that she somehow excluded important information from her article isn’t the bombshell it’s made out to be. It’s fairly weak, which is distracting from the other compelling and engaging aspects of the show. But the season is still young, there is plenty of time for it to recover and get this storyline back on track.

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