Traumatized And Angry: Previewing ‘The Shepherd- The Valentine’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has revealed a preview of The Shepherd- The Valentine #1, out this week under their Black Caravan imprint, from writers Andrea L. Molinari and Roberto X. Molinari, line artist Jamie Martinez Rodriguez, color artist Trevor Rubin, and letterer DC Hopkins.

‘Like their father, Prof. Lawrence Miller (aka The Shepherd), Lexi and her little brother Nico are lightning rods for those in greatest need. One such person shows up at their door-a little girl named Violet, Vee for short.

Vee has recently escaped the clutches of a vicious killer. Traumatized but angry, the girl explains that when she was taken, she was carrying a gift for her mother. In the chaos of her escape, it was left behind. Now, Vee wants it back. She’s come to ask Lexi and Nico for help, for they are all in way over their heads.’

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