Night Night, Sleep Tight, It’s Leo Baxendale’s ‘Badtime Bedtime Stories’ Coming This August

by Richard Bruton

The Treasury of British Comics continues to bring the insanely wonderful work of one of the true geniuses of Brit comics, Leo Baxendale, with the republication of one of Baxendale’s finest works – Badtime Bedtime Stories, anarchy, silliness, and sublime comics coming out in August!

Originally published in Monster Fun, these are prime Baxendale strips, full of his wonderfully expressive artwork and completely off-the-wall ideas, each page crammed with hidden details as Baxendale takes familiar tales such as Dr Jeykll and Mr Snide, Little Miss Muffet and Little Red Riding Hood and lets imagination run wild.

The new Treasury collection is packed with all that Baxendale craziness and comedy, restored to pristine splendour and reprinted in a smaller style to “retain the intimate feel of the originals.” Stories inside include, Jack the Nipper’s SchooldaysPunch and ChewsdayDr Jackal & Mr SnideLittle ‘Red’ Riding HoodJack and the Beans (in Tomato Sauce) StalkLittle Boy BlueLittle Miss StuffitMoby DuckLittle Bo CreepThe Underwater World of Jacques Custard. and William the Conk.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for however long, Leo Baxendale (1930 – 2017) was one of the greatest artists in the long and brilliant history of British humour comics. Creator of Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, Grimly Feendish, Bad Penny, Eagle Eye, Junior Spy, The Man From B.U.N.G.L.E., The Tiddlers, Sweeny Toddler, and so many more classic, incredible strips for DC Thomson, Fleetway, and Odhams.

Outspoken and driven through his career, Baxendale would later leave Brit kids comics and make his own way, whether that was with Willy the Kid, his Reaper Books publishing house, THRRP!, a most decidedly not for kids comic, and I Love You Baby Basil! Sadly, Baxendale passed away in 2017, but he’s remembered by generations of comic fans and comics professionals for being one of the very best in the business and certainly one of the funniest and most original voices in Brit comics.

The Badtime Bedtime Book by Leo Baxdendale is available to pre-order from the 2000 AD store now, in softback and exclusive hardcover versions.

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