Miles Morales Will Soon Learn- Who Is The Spider-Smasher?

by Tony Thornley

Well, Marvel has revealed their identity and we have it right here.

Miles was recently thrown into the multiverse, thanks to the events of Spider-Man Beyond. In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #38 from Saladin Ahmed and Christopher Allen, that adventure will find him facing a new Spider-hero in a far flung future, the Spider-Slayer. This future is a dystopian hell, the result of Miles’ clone Selim defeating him in a horrifying “what if” scenario. But just who is this new hero?

As revealed in new designs by Allen, the Spider-Slayer is none other than Miles’ baby sister, Billie Morales, AKA rebel leader Capitán Billie. In this world, dubbed The Empire of the Spider, the only thing standing in Selim’s way is Billie and her freedom fighters. Sounds like Miles may have his hands full.

“It blows my mind that, not only do I get to draw a chapter in one of the greatest sagas of all time, but I get to add something this significant to the story of one of my favorite characters!” Allen said.

Check out a handful of variant covers with Spider-Slayer in action, including one using Allen’s design sheet as well as work from Jen Bartel, Taurin Clarke, Sergio Davila, Skan and Ernando Souza!, and be sure to pick up Miles Morales: Spider-Man #38 when it hits stands May 4th!

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