PlayStation Plus Expands This June — Adding Over 700 Games

by Sage Ashford

PlayStation Plus Account

PlayStation Plus has been apart of the PlayStation brand since 2010, but Sony recently decided to expand the service. The company announced that the new service would feature three tiers in a move that will merge both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

The base plan is PlayStation Plus Essential, which is effectively the same as existing PlayStation Plus. It’ll feature two monthly downloadable games, discounts, cloud storage, and access to online multiplayer for $10 a month.

The next tier is the PlayStation Plus Extra, which offers up to 400 games across the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 catalogue, which can all be downloaded. This tier will cost users $14.99/a month, or up to $100 a year.

Finally, there’s PlayStation Plus Premium, which will add another 340 games, including PlayStation 3 games streaming through the cloud, and PlayStation, PS2, and PSP games that can be streamed or downloaded. This tier will cost $17.99/a month, and $119.99/yearly.

What this tier will not have are day-and-date first-party titles like Xbox Game Pass. However, at launch it will have titles like Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Returnal.

This service launches in June in Asia, then North America, Europe, and everywhere else, and will see the PlayStation Now service merge into PlayStation Plus, giving subscribers PlayStation Plus Premium.

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