‘Superman & Lois’ Finale Manages A Perfect Balance

by Frank Martin

Superhero stories are tough to write. It’s a constant battle between character and plot. All dramatic stories need to have strong characterization. Otherwise, the audience can lose interest in their struggle. But superhero stories, stemming from fantasy and sci-fi, also need to have a plot that leans heavily into these elements. The problem: sometimes the fantastical elements of the plot can dig a hole that becomes too ridiculous. Wild theories and equally brain-melting solutions can take an audience out of the story as a whole. The key is to make the character elements equally as strong so that the ridiculousness can be overlooked. That’s where Superman & Lois find itself as it achieves a great balance between the two.

The plot of Aly Alston (Rya Kihlstedt) eventually merging with her other self, becoming Parasite, draining Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), and then seeking to combine the worlds was definitely a slow build. She was barely a threat in the beginning as Bizarro Superman took up most of the action. Aly was really a part of Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) subplot, but that quickly changed and descended into a wild development that ended with a round earth inside a square one. And then, Superman managed to separate them by speeding around them super fast and crash landing.

The action and threat was a CGI heavy sequence. By itself, it would have been perceived as absurd. But the show did such a good job balancing the very human elements of this crisis that the far-fetched resolution didn’t seem so out-there. Rather than zoom out and seeinf just how big in scope this problem was, the show focused on Smallville, a small town made up of real families going through real struggles. This dichotomy between global threats and personal relationships is really what makes Superman and Lois a special show.

Superman & Lois returns in 2023.

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