Advance Review: A Strong Start To `There’s Something Wrong With Patrick Todd’

by Tom Smithyman


With action, mystery and interesting characters, this series has just about everything it takes to make a successful first issue. Some strong artwork on the splash pages helps to tell the story better than text ever could.


There’s nothing wrong with Patrick Todd, at least as far as the premiere issue is concerned.

Writer Ed Brisson crafts a tight narrative full of mystery, action, a touch of social commentary and what appears to be a memorable villain. Not bad for just 20 pages.

The story opens with the nicest looking bank robber this side of Dog Day Afternoon, threatening the teller with a shotgun – but doing it in the sweetest way possible. We soon learn that Glen Plotnikov is a pedophile who is being telepathically controlled by Patrick. While we don’t know much about Patrick’s powers, we do learn he’s using bad guys like Glen to rob banks so he can afford treatment for his ailing mother. As a bonus, Patrick is also forcing the baddies to confess their crimes to the cops. Mom has suddenly contracted Alzheimer’s disease and has quickly become non-communicative.

Brisson’s script is the right mix for a first issue. It introduces readers to the major characters, adds some intrigue and action, all while setting up what’s to come later. The ending feels a tad rushed, but Brisson has earned the benefit of the doubt.

Artist Gavin Guidry showcases some eye-catching splash pages to bookend the story. A frighteningly gory closing page featuring the villain Zeus sets up the baddie in a terrifying way. We don’t know anything about his from the text, so it’s up to Guidry to convey the terror – and he does so convincingly.

As with most first issues, readers are left with more questions than answers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the creative team can dole them out in a way that builds on the characters they’ve already introduced. This team has laid the foundation. Hopefully it will pay off in future issues.

There’s Something Wrong with Patrick Todd #1 will be available for purchase on July 6, 2022.

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