Cypher Plays Detective In Marvel Unlimited’s Latest ‘X-Men Unlimited’ Arc

by Tony Thornley

Doug Ramsey has become a fan favorite character in the Krakoa era of X-Men. With the latest arm of Marvel Unlimited’s X-Men Unlimited he gets a much deserved spotlight.

Writer Alex Paknadel and artist Damian Couciero return to the series after their recent Maggott arc to tell this tale of Cypher’s latest adventure. The latest installment is available on the app now and the series updates every Monday.

Cypher is determined to turn Krakoa into a language of the arts—but he’s going to have to put that dream on hold as he gets called in to help investigate a mysterious incident: a human has somehow entered through one of the Krakoan gates before collapsing gravely injured! And now, a mysterious force seems to be jumping from mutant host to mutant host as it burns through them. What is going on, and can Cypher solve the mystery before more mutants wind up dead? 

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