SDCC 2022: Marvel Comics’ ’60 Years Of Spider-Man’ Panel 

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the pull box! No, you are not mistaken it’s your favorite Storyteller back again with another SDCC update. Our team is trying to get you the best news from SDCC as it comes across our desks so even your old dice-rolling fantasy boy is out here slinging you the most up-to-date comic news from across the multiverse! Jay Jonah Jameson would be so proud of me.

Let’s jump in with the 60 Years Of Spider-Man Panel.

Spider-Man #2 on sale in November 2022 written by Dan Slott with art and cover by Mark Bagley is going to see the end of the Spider-Verse raging on. After the big tragedy of the first issue, our spider-friends are going to try and make a plan to go up against Morlun. The issue is that Morlun is not the only issue they are facing. Shathra is back and even more powerful than the last time she almost killed Peter. Last time our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was able to trick Shathra, but she has had time to stew on that in that time has planned his death and the death of all spiders.

Amazing Spider-Man #13 hits shelves in Nov 2022 as well, with Zeb Wells on the written lines and John Romita Jr. on the drawn lines inside and out. Oh boy, my old favorite flying fiend, the Hobgoblin has his story come to a chilling end! What’s wild is I have heard reports that no one is going to be rocked harder by this than Norman Osborn. This is going to open a lot of questions up for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man so you are not going to want to miss a single pulse-pounding page turn!

Coming next to the plate is Zeb Wells with artists Michael Dowling and Kyle Hotz. The team will be bringing us Amazing Spider-Man #14 in November 2022 with a cover by John Romita Jr.. Chasm is back on the scene and we have not seen them since ASM #894 and the FCBD issue. That does not mean he hasn’t been busy though. This special issue featuring Spidey’s most dangerous new villain will also feature the Goblin Queen and a BRAND NEW VILLAIN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE!!!!

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 hits shelves in November 2022 as well with Taboo and B. Earl writing and Juan Ferreyra adding the amazing art. The creepy Spider-Story continues with Peter beset by the powers of the Demon Bear. Our web-head is stricken with nightmares whenever he falls asleep and sometimes even when he is awake! As we all know lack of a good night makes you a little cranky but after a while the wear and tear on our weary Spider-Man is going to cause him to dig in unless he wants to meet a GRIZZLY end!

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