Mark Millar Announces $1.99 Price Point For New Vampire Comic Book Series ‘Night Club’

by Olly MacNamee once again gets the exclusive scoop on Mark Millar’s third announcement of the week. And at a time when prices for everything are spiralling out of control and causing a global cost of living crisis, caused by such events as the ongoing Ukraine/Russia War, Brexit here in the UK, and other factors, such as increased energy cost at a time when said energy companies are reported record profits, Millar offers some glimmer of light amongst the doom and gloom.

“You’re 17 years old and you’ve been bitten by a vampire? Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood or use your new-found gifts for the dream life of a costumed superhero like you always wanted? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, turn to mist, bats or even a wolf. Why not have fun?” reports that Millarworld’s upcoming series, Night Club with artist Juanan Ramírez will cost only $1.99 an issue. Millar tells

“The biggest thing I hear in comic stores is that comic books are too expensive and everyone is absolutely right. I remember them creeping up to three dollars and then four dollars became the norm and now I’m seeing five and six dollars for a single issue when you generally read them in about ten minutes.”

And the reason why Millar can take a gamble on this price point? It helps that it will be a Netflix show, as Millar alludes to:

“Night Club itself is a big show I created in-house at Netflix and it’s a super-commercial concept so it seems like a great franchise to try the experiment on. Upping prices all the time seems like a bad move when people are tightening their belts in the real world so I really want to give this a try. Every time the prices have changed in comics since Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson gave us Detective Comics almost 90 years ago they’ve gone north instead of south.”

It’s a bold move and one Millar is daring DC Comics and Marvel to follow suit on. After all, they too are owned by huge corporations who have no problem cancelling $90 million dollar movies at a whim, right? So, why not cut the price of the comics that are so amply mined for their ideas and characters?

Your move DC and Marvel.

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