Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Another collection of popular posts to share with you this weekend from across the pop culture landscape:

  1. We’ll start with an interview. Rachel Bellwoar interviewed the creators of The Vineyard #1, Brian Hawkins, and artist, Sami Kivelä, out now from Image Comics. Read it here.
  2. On the preview front, AWA Studios had a new title out, Sacrament #1, which you can catch here.
  3. The Astounding Jason Hyde was another popular preview. Look it up here.
  4. News now, and Tony Thornley reported on Marvel’s new Thunderbolts series here.
  5. Plus, news on Spidey and the X-Men in ‘Dark Web’ coming this autumn. Read more here.
  6. Frank Martin posted another opinion piece this time looking at Beavis and Butthead and white privilege. Read it here now.
  7. And while our weekend output has scaled back (hey, everyone deserves some down time, including me right?) we still have a good many of you popping in to check out our regular weekend columns. First up, Something for the Weekend. Last week’s can be read here.
  8. Review Round Up can be found here.
  9. Richard Bruton’s monthly round up of the best in political cartooning can be found here.
  10. And finally, Ben Martin’s Franchise Explosion (Or Implosion?) working itself through the Jurassic Park film franchise here.

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