Dynamite Offers Special ‘Gargoyles’ #1 Cover Signed By Greg Weisman

by Erik Amaya

With the first issue of Dynamite’s upcoming Gargoyles series breaking 100,000 units in initial orders, the company has teamed up with CGC to offer a special retailer incentive: a special limited edition of the issue featuring a cover by Drew Moss (seen above) and signed by series creator Greg Weisman.

The new series, from Weisman and artist George Kambadais, serves as a continuation of the Disney Afternoon television series and a jumping-on point for those new to the story. The Gargoyles have begun to drift apart, but a new threat rising in Manhattan brings them back together.

Available at a 1:250 ratio, each signed copy will also ship with a CGC certificate of authenticity and a CGC coupon enabling buyers to have their copies graded and returned with a yellow CGC Signature Series label. Additionally, CGC will have an authorized witness at the signing with Weisman to further authenticate the limited edition. The copies will ship as close to the release date of the regular Gargoyles #1 as possible, but the condition and ultimate grade cannot be guaranteed. And any grading costs will be the responsibility of the retailer or customer.

CGC also outlined the process to have the signed copy graded:

  • Become a CGC member if you are currently not.
  • Email the Signature Series team that you will be submitting your signed Gargoyles #1 1:250 Retailer Incentive with COA to CGC. They will supply you with a simple form to fill out.
  • Get your copy or copies ready for shipment. IMPORTANT: keep the COA and Gargoyles #1 submitted for signing together. The COA MUST be present to receive a CGC Signature Series grade. Don’t forget to add the form from the Signature Series team!
  • On the outside of your shipping box put the initials G W on all sides.
  • Ship directly to the Signature Series team’s attention.ATTN: Signature Series
    5501 Communications Parkway
    Sarasota, FL 34240
  • All copies must be received by the Signature Series team no more than 30 days after you receive them. Copies ordered outside the United States must be received no more than 45 days after you receive them.

To qualify for the variant, orders must be made by the Final Order Cutoff date, November 14th. Gargoyles #1 arrives in stores on December 7th.

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