Webcomic Weekly: Ian Williams Is ‘Sorry To Keep You Waiting’

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, celebrating all that’s good in comics online – not always weekly, but always webcomics. This week, the medical comic making of the great Ian Williams.

Ian Williams is a comic creator, G.P. (General Practice Doctor here in the UK), and founder of GraphicMedicine.org. His work explores just what it means to be a Doctor, nurse, patient or just about anyone connected with health at some point in a light, sensible, humorous, and always fascinating and entertaining fashion.

Starting under the nom de plume ‘Thom Ferrier’ in 2007, Williams’ comics work is eye-opening, showing us a health system full of flaws, loaded with gallows humour, and full of an emotional resonance that comes from Williams having been there, seen it all and done it all as a medical practitioner.

His graphic novels, The Bad Doctor and The Lady Doctor are excellent, eye-opening tales of the modern misadventures of doctors working in the NHS today. He’s also the author of Sick Notes, a series of comic strips about working in the NHS that ran in The Guardian newspaper.

Scanxiety – you’ll never understand the impact of a cancer diagnosis until you get one

He also regularly contributes to the Wellcome Collection online with the series Sorry To Keep You Waiting. The Welcome Collection is a free museum and library from the Wellcome charity foundation that works towards bringing science and medicine to everyone.

Just as with all his previous work, Sorry To Keep You Waiting is just shot through with humanity and empathy. It can be light, it can be dark, but it’s always entertaining and thought-provoking stuff.

Go look at Ian Williams’ website and Twitter. And find his Sorry To Keep You Waiting work for the Wellcome Collection here.

Buy Ian’s graphic novels from Myriad Press – The Bad Doctor & The Lady Doctor.

Now, a little more of Ian WIlliams’ Sorry To Keep You Waiting:

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