Webcomic Weekly: ‘Culture Pop’ By Clark Bint

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, celebrating all that’s great and good with comics on the Internet. This week, Clark Bint’s Culture Pop…

Clark Bint’s an artist working out of the UK, making some rather tasty comics indeed, whether that’s the cyberpunk thriller Killtopia 3 with Dave Cook and BHP Comics or Frank At Home On The Farm with Jordan Thomas and Scout Comics, that Clark describes as “an uncompromising British horror that’s The Shining meets Animal Farm, with a little hint of The Lighthouse.” And then there’s his art for the forthcoming Cyberarchy from Heavy Metal with Matthew Hardy, again described by Clark as “22 pages of robots and riots, infusing retro Raypunk aesthetics with contemporary ideas and actions.”

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about – we’re here to talk webcomics, specifically the nine-pages of Clark Bint’s Culture Pop that you can find online at his Twitter (and in print at conventions you find Clark at).

Culture Pop, like a lot of Clark’s stuff, is rather fun, rather different, and rather stylish indeed, as we join someone called Clark at one of those fayre sort of things, wandering aimlessly through the stalls until someone calls out to him… someone with an unsettling knowledge of Clark’s past and a somewhat disturbing similarity to a certain Mouse…

And with that, we’ll leave you to head over to Clark’s Twitter to read the rest – it’s a strange, fun thing indeed.

Clark Bint online – websiteTwitterInstagramRedbubbleEbay (pages for sale) – Ko-Fi (give him some cash)

Clark’s art from ‘Killtopia’, written by Dave Cook, published by BHP Comics

And art from ‘Cyberarchy’ written by Matthew Hardy, coming from ‘Heavy Metal’

And finally, ‘Frank At Home On The Farm’, written by Jordan Thomas, published by Scout Comics

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