Let’s Get Dangerous: Talking Dynamite Comics’ ‘Darkwing Duck’ With Amanda Deibert

by Tony Thornley

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the spoon scooping the cereal of injustice! He is Darkwing Duck and he’s returning to comics in January! Leading up to the series launch, we sat down with series writer Amanda Deibert and said let’s get dangerous!

Okay, it wasn’t anything nearly that dramatic, but we had to get the catchphrases in somehow. Premiering on January 4, 2023, Deibert and artist Carlo Cid Lauro return to Saint Canard to tell new adventures of everyone’s danger-loving duck vigilante. We sat with Deibert and chatted about all-ages comics, her writing methods and exactly what’s fun about the world of Darkwing, Launchpad, Goslyn and all the rest!

Main cover by David Nakayama

Tony Thornley: Hello Amanda! You’ve become a sort of go-to for all ages comics lately. How do you approach an all-ages story versus something a little more grown up?

Amanda Deibert: I think the important thing is not to focus on the all-ages aspect too much. You want there to be a good story with fun characters that EVERYONE can enjoy. That said, it’s about keeping it accessible to kids, so humor and suspense that isn’t too violent or sexual or so comeplex that the plot might be hard to follow. I think the sweet spot is having layered humor where there are jokes that adults get on a different level than what the kids see. 

Thornley: Darkwing has been through a few incarnations recently- with the original, the show-within-a-show version on new DuckTales, as well as their version of DW- which version of the character will you be writing? 

Deibert: This is mostly based on the OG show. 

Thornley: Are you pulling bits from each incarnation?

Deibert: A little. 

Thornley: You’ve written Batman and a few other characters from that corner of the DC Universe a few times. What sets Darkwing and Saint Canard apart from Batman and Gotham for you?

Deibert: Well, while Darkwing takes himself very seriously… he’s not a very serious character. This fun of Darkwing is the parody of Batman and The Shadow and fun noir. 

Thornley: Darkwing has a great supporting cast. I know I have always loved Launchpad McQuack. Has there been a member of the cast you’ve gravitated towards and why?

Deibert: I am a huge Morgana Macawber fan and you’ll see plenty of her in this one. 

Thornley: For you what makes a strong supporting cast important to writing a superhero story?

Deibert: I think the supporting cast shows you all the facets of the hero. Not just Darkwing saving the day, but what is he like as a friend and a neighbor and a father and a lover? Just like in life, our different relationships bring out different sides of ourselves that someone else may not experience. 

Thornley: The franchise has a rogue’s gallery that rivals Batman and Spider-Man. The solicitation for January has already revealed Megavolt as your first villain. What made him your choice to lead off with?

Deibert: Well, he’s an electrifying choice isn’t he? I thought he would add a high level of danger and impact right from the jump. 

Thornley: Without spoiling the story, which other villains are you most excited to play with?

Deibert: I’m bringing in a LOT of the old favorites. It’s gonna be great. 

Thornley: The first storyarc was revealed to be titled “FOWL Play.” That’s a loaded title there, considering the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny is a big deal. How will FOWL play into the story you’re telling?

Deibert: I can neither confirm nor deny that FOWL is behind the insidious things currently happening in St. Canard… they have too much on me. 

Thornley: Carlo Lauro is your artistic collaborator on the series. What has he brought to the table so far as you work with him on the story?

Deibert: Oh Carlo’s work is gorgeous. He does fantastic work with the storytelling and his art feels fresh while still giving us so much of the nostalgia we crave. 

Thornley: What has been your favorite thing he’s brought to life so far from your scripts?

Deibert: Honestly, have you seen those first five pages they gave as a sample? It’s just such a PERFECT intro into the series. 

Thornley: What’s your normal work process to write a script?

Deibert: For something like this? Re-watch a ton of Darkwing, come up with a concept and write a pitch and then it is outlining and writing and having a ton of fun with the humor. 

Thornley: Do you have favorite music you listen to when writing? Or do you create playlists depending on the project?

Deibert: For the most part I have to avoid things with lyrics because then I get sucked into the words. So lots of soundtracks and classical music mostly. 

Thornley: What’s on your Darkwing Duck playlist?

Deibert: I’ve been listening to a lot of upbeat jazzy stuff for Darkwing. You want something with humor and action but also the noir air of mystery. 

Thornley: You’ve been very busy lately. What projects are you currently working on?

Deibert: That I am allowed to talk about? Darkwing, Batman and Scooby Doo and Star Wars Hyperspace Stories, and my new guided journal You Already Have the Answers…. I’ve also got some other graphic novels and two TV series that haven’t been announced yet. 

Thornley: You’ve become social media’s cozy advice and happy story guru. What’s the #1 thing you’ve learned from this cool little niche you’ve created for yourself?

Deibert: Everyone has been through something and we’ve all got a story to tell. Most people just don’t get asked the really important questions. I feel like the community that we’ve been cultivating in my social media spaces has been really special and it really does a lot of good for my own heart. 

Thornley: Thanks Amanda! Where can people find you and what you’re working on?

Deibert: I’m on Twitter @amandadeibert IF @amandadeibertofficial TikTok @amandadeibert and now HIVE @amandadeibert  and also my website amandadeibert.com 

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