TV Review: ‘Titans’ Season 4, Episode 5

by Frank Martin

It’s a storytelling trope to see a victim become the villain. That’s exactly what this season of Titans is doing, and this week’s episode was a pivotal one as it was the first step in seeing Sebastian (Joseph Morgan) fulfill his destiny. The episode had enough action and suspense to both entertain and put up a fight. It just wasn’t enough, though. Sebastian ultimately went with his mother, which is the season’s turning point into his descent into villainy. Also, the Titans certainly didn’t make it easy on Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente).

The plan was to lock Sebastian in S.T.A.R. Labs until the blood moon ended and the threat of him being used for Mother Mayhem’s evil scheme was over. Unfortunately, Connor (Joshua Orpin), who was stabbed last episode, was infected with some kind of magic. This demonstrated that Sebastian wasn’t safe and had to be moved. Also, in a pretty crazy storyline, Gar (Ryan Potter) saved Connor by turning himself into a virus and entered his body before reforming as his human self. It’s one of those crazy superhero plot points that is so absurd it’s hard not to like it.

Transforming viruses and cursed snakes aside, the episode highlighted some of this season’s weaker points. The entire episode hinged on Connor keeping his injury to himself. All he had to do was point out to them that he was hurt and the entire situation could have been avoided. That kind of character stupidity is hard to overlook. Also, Kory (Anna Diop) had her own issues involving her place in trying to stop Sebastian’s prophecy. While the Sebastian storyline is interesting, the show is trying too hard to connect it to Starfire’s convoluted past, which the series has moved past on several occasions. It’s best to not highlight that side of the show and simply let the magic speak for itself. As for Titans as a whole, this episode shows it’s not up there as some of the best superhero television, but it’s certainly fun to watch.

Titans streams Thursdays on HBO Max.

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