TV Review: ‘National Treasure: Edge Of History’ Season 1, Episode 6

by Frank Martin

It’s always a staple of any adventure show to see the hero and villain work together. Natural Treasure: Edge of History, meanwhile, features a bunch of twists and turns as far as who can be trusted and who can’t. So far, Billie (Catherine Zeta-Jones) has been set up as the main villain — and that really hasn’t changed with this episode. But seeing her and Jess (Lisette Olivera) work together, each one set to betray the other, was a nice change of pace and a way to mix things up for the show. Overall, that made for a very decent episode, even if the adventure side of things still hasn’t lived up to National Treasure expectations.

After Billie picked Jess up in her car, Billie spun her a story that she worked with her parents to protect the treasure. She even handed Jess a photo of her father and Billie’s brother. Working together, they figured out that the next box was at the Alamo. Dressing up as reenacting soldiers, they snuck in to steal the box, but Jess figured out that Billie was going to betray her and betrayed Billie first. Jess also learned that Liam (Jake Austin Walker) was not a traitor, but that Billie activated Sadusky’s (Harvey Keitel) nurse to give the FBI a fake thumb drive in order to put obstacles in her path.

Everything that has been working for the show continues to work in this episode. There is puzzle solving and a heist in a famous location similar to the Graceland episode. There’s also enough character drama to keep the charisma going. That said, the adventure the show is trying to portray doesn’t stand up to what the movies had to offer. All of the heist and adventures really only scratch the surface as they visit tourist traps. Hopefully by the time the series finale rolls around, our heroes will venture into a true Mexican temple and give fans the adventure they deserve.

National Treasure: Edge of History streams Wednesdays on Disney+.

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