Worth The Wait– Guy Ritchie’s ‘Operation Fortune’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Twists, turns, and slick cinematography make for another win in Guy’s Ritchie’s action film catalogue.


Super spy Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) must track down and stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology wielded by billionaire arms broker Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant). Reluctantly teamed with some of the world’s best operatives (Aubrey PlazaCary ElwesBugzy Malone), Fortune and his crew recruit Hollywood’s biggest movie star, Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett), to help them on their globe-trotting undercover mission to save the world.

It’s no secret that we have some Guy Ritchie fans here at Comicon.com. The stylized action auteur has been making a comeback as of late with The Gentlemen, and Wrath of Man harkening back to his earlier action dramas. Operation Fortune acts like a third film in a thematic trilogy that captures the scope of The Gentlemen and the pitch black tone of Wrath of Man. If you’ve enjoyed Ritchie’s more recent work, then you’ll no doubt be satisfied by Operation Fortune.

What struck me about the film was how seriously thrilling it was. The trailer makes Operation Fortune appear like Ritchie’s usual brand of kinetic action comedy. However, the film itself is much darker and leans towards gallows humor. This is about bad guys fighting worse guys and no one is completely clean. Because of this, the action feels less like an escapist power-fantasy and carries more weight. The music by composer Christopher Benstead really shines in the film from the opening scene and strikes the tone of epic thriller.

In Operation Fortune, Guy Ritchie has gathered his squad of collaborators to deliver one of his best and most visceral films yet. The action thriller manages to keep up the pace and the pressure from beginning to end. If this film is Ritchie tossing his hat in the ring to direct the next James Bond, we may have found a worthy contender.

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