Skybound Share A First Look At ‘Dark Ride’ #5

by Olly MacNamee

Skybound has offered up a first look at Dark Ride #5, which launches the second story arc for this successful horror comic book series from the Birthright team of writer Joshua Williamson (DC’s Superman, Dark Crisis), artist Andrei Bressan (DC’s Justice League Incarnate), colourist Adriano Lucas (Nightwing), and letterer Pat Brosseau (Creepshow).

Owen Seasons has been found, but the mystery around his death continues to haunt Sam Dante. As darker forces emerge in Devil Land, can Sam really control his family’s terrifying legacy?

Joshua Williamson said of this new season of Dark Ride:

“The first arc of Dark Ride was about establishing the world and the cast, and now with our second arc, it’s about the history. The history of the park, but also the history of the Dante family. Sam refuses to believe anything nefarious, let alone supernatural, is going on in his family’s park, but his search for answers will lead him down a dark path. In the new arc we up the scares and the family drama in big ways. The horror gets super weird and dangerous, and we’re excited to take everyone on a new ride starting with Dark Ride #5!” 

Andrei Bressan added:

“Oh boy, I’m getting back in line for Devil Land again! I’m blood-addicted and ready to go on ride after ride!! Jokes aside, I’m very happy to be drawing this new arc. This comic is getting even wilder!” 

Dark Ride #5 features the following covers and variant covers:

  • Dark Ride #5 CVR A by Bressan & Lucas (Diamond Code FEB230166)
  • Dark Ride #5 CVR B (Danny D. Evil Mascot Variant) by Murakami (FEB230167)
  • Dark Ride #5 CVR C (Halloween Character Spotlight Variant) by Ganucheau (FEB230168)
  • Dark Ride #5 CVR D 1:25 INCV (Classic Homage Poster Cover) by Culver & Fleecs

Dark Ride #5 will be available on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

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