The Doubleclicks Release Music Video Featuring The Work Of 50 Female And Non-Binary Artists

by Staff

Portland-based musical geek sister act The Doubleclicks have released a new video and song, ‘Women Know Math’, but have gone big with their “gender related feelings” by featuring the work of no less than 50 different female and non-binary comic creators in their video. The release marks the opening of their Kickstarter campaign for their 5th album, Love Problems, set to be released later this year.

[Aubrey Turner and Angela Webber, the two sisters behind Portland’s indie-folk duo the Doubleclicks. Photo by Min McGregor]

At three minutes and seventeen seconds, the song ‘Women Know Math’ manages to pack in a massive array of responses to the prompts and pressures associated with female and non-binary roles in society and does so in a continually surprising way. The folksy song is borne along by avert earnestness and a sense of humor but the end result is a strong statement of agency in defining one’s own identity.
Featuring the work of these 50 creators in the video, including Lucy Knisley (Relish) and animator Leigh Lahav, adds another layer of meaning for the geek community. As we see the different art styles and experiences the visual voices in the video, the images are overlaid with lyrical phrases that punctuate the song. We begin to recognize the mosaic-like accumulation of voices represented in a song like this one. And that’s a powerful realization.
Here’s the new video:

This new song seems like a good indicator of what we can expect from the album Love Problems, too, which is “about finding strength, speaking out, and love—as well as space, physics, math, and cello”, according to the Doubleclicks. And it’s an appealing message. Only three days into the campaign, the album is already closing in on being funded.
The Doubleclicks describe their music in the following way:

Our music is influenced by the lyric-focused punk-infused music of They Might Be Giants, the honest rawness of the Dresden Dolls, and the DIY aesthetic of Kimya Dawson, with a dash of nerdy thrown in. Our goal is to represent a positive, empowering and feminist voice inside nerd and online communities…through song!

The campaign, running until March 13th, has some pretty nifty and wide-ranging rewards, ranging from stickers to enamel pins and more.

You can also watch the trailer for the Kickstarter campaign right here:

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