Many Marvel Toys Carefully Crafted Of Wood

by Staff

Toy Fair in New York City this week brought many announcements about new collectibles coming up, and recently we ran an article about Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Mates being released, wooden collectibles painted to resemble our favorite characters.
But the craze for wooden toys actually goes far beyond Pin Mates, it turns out, since two other types of Marvel wooden toys were also revealed at Toy Fair.
They included these stackable wooden guys called “Tiki Totem Wooden Characters” from Entertainment Earth:

Which are 3 inches tall and have 360 degree artwork, arriving in June.
But also, “Wooden Push Puppets”,  arriving from Entertainment Earth in June:

And about a gazillion more Marvel Pin Mate characters for you to choose from:
This last one is a Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord and Yondu “set” which even comes with a wooden ship:

So, as you can see, Marvel and Entertainment Earth seem to believe there’s a market for all wooden toys all the time, and that may be the case. As an alternative to the onslaught of vinyl collectibles, it’s certainly nice to have some variety of choice and these may well strike your fancy.

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