Do Alice And Quentin Have A Deal? The Magicians 2.8 Strikes All Kinds Of Bargains

by Staff

Having watched episodes 2.6 and 2.7 of The Magicians back to back after a trip out to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, I was disturbed enough by the misadventures of our hapless heroes to feel quite worried about them. I mean, there was all that reverse dying in 2.7’s heist alone to make us nervous. And that’s the thing about The Magicians as a show, it’s hopelessly sentimental but unblinking in the harshness that it doles out, often to main characters, so you never know when that fatal injury will really prove fatal.
But one big development in 2.7 among several, was that Quentin and the Niffin version of Alice seem to have struck a deal to save a life, and Alice is now going to get to “drive” for a half an hour a day.
Syfy released this teaser promo for 2.8 which shows that deal being struck, formally:

And then the full promo for this episode focuses on Quentin’s state of mind, which is not good:

In fact, it makes you wonder just how much pressure Quentin can take. As the “perspective character” we followed to Brakebills and Fillory in the first place, he’s still often taken the backseat to a fairly large ensemble cast in the show, but it looks like Episode 2.8 is going to put the spotlight back onto his fragile state of mind. Well, it’s a fragility he seems to share with Fillory itself. This season is definitely getting darker even while some looming troubles seem to have been dispensed with. More are no doubt waiting around the bend.
The Magicians, Season 2, Episode 8, “Word as Bond” airs on Wednesday, March 15th on Syfy.

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