Koyama Press Take Two Books On Tour In May – So Pretty/Very Rotten And Condo Heartbreak Disco

by Staff

Koyama Press have two book tours coming up in the month of May, culminating in their presence at TCAF–the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.
Firstly, there’s a tour for May release So Pretty/Very Rotten, by Jane Mai and An Nguyen, which consists of a series of essays and comics that have academic and confessional elements, but both dive into Lolita “subculture” and examine the creators’ relationship to that culture. They describe the book as “empowering” but also “linked to consumerism”, in essence a tradition that is both “pretty” and “rotten”.

And here are the tour dates and locations for So Pretty/Very Rotten:
So Pretty / Very Rotten Tour
8–1 May 2017 | Ribbon Army Gallery Show at Japan Foundation
11 May 2017 | Japan Foundation Book Launch
13–14 May 2017 | Toronto Comic Arts Festival
14 May 2017 | Special Sunday Ribbon Army opening
21 May 2017  | Librairie D&Q (Montreal)
The second tour that Koyama is hosting in May is for Condo Heartbreak Disco, by Eric Kostiuk Williams, a May release that examines the ways is which “towers of steel and glass” are destroying Toronto’s neighborhoods, and taking away from community life. But things jump into magic realism when two characters become “primary purveyors of socially motivated revenge” seek to save the city. Are they too late?

And there are the dates and locations of the Condo Heartbreak Disco tour in May and June:

Condo Heartbreak Disco Tour
13–14 May 2017 | Toronto Comic Arts Festival
23 May 2017 | Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto)
1 June 2017 | Librairie D&Q w/ Tommi Parrish (Montreal)
10–11 2017 | Chicago Alternative Comics Expo
Koyama Press will also be present at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Here’s a little more information about that event:
TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival 
13–14 May 2017 | 13 May: 9AM–5PM and 14 May: 10AM–5PM at the Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, ON
Visit the Toronto Comic Arts Festival website for further details

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