A Classic French Post-Apocalyptic Tale – Watch The Trailer For Savage Highway From Humanoids

by Staff

Coming up next week, on April 19th, we have a new hardcover from Humanoids, Savage Highway. Written by Mathieu Masmondet and illustrated by Zhang Xiaoyu (Crusades from Humanoids, and Chronicles of Legion from Titan).

 Savage Highway is a post-apocalyptic tale about an ancient highway through a wasteland. It’s now a migration route for hunters and marauders on this “future Earth”. Along the way we meet Helene, an educated woman looking for her sister, and Mo, a hunter, as well as Jin, an Asian “warrior”. The trio decide to stick together and try to make it to Paris, the ruined city where a new “social order” is being created.
The OGN is based on the novel by the same name by Gilles Thomas, and it is adapted to comics by the late Julia Verlanger aka Gilles Thomas, who was part of the 1970’s European Sci-Fi scene. The book’s comics writer, Mathieu Masmondet is actually also an actor who is known for his work on a French crime television series.
Here’s our trailer for Savage Highway:

Savage Highway arrives in shops next week, on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017.

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