Unboxing May’s ‘Guardians’ Lootcrate – Time To Save The Galaxy

by Staff

The subscription box Lootcrate is wildly popular and arguably has instigated the rise of geek subscription boxes in general, many more specifically themed. Lootcrate has kept their contents fairly broad to appeal to a wide audience, and at a fairly low price. This month’s theme was “Guardians”, which sounded promising to me.

I knew nothing about the contents of the box before I opened it and was pretty impressed by this box. I’m used to one or two things in the monthly box appealing specifically to me and then finding friends or family members to give the other items to, appealing more to their unique fandoms. This time, however, the ratio of personal connection was high.
First there was a Goonies film t-shirt in red. I’m very much in favor of the less than common color for the shirt–I’ve previously only seen Goonies shirts in black or white. Also, I’m a big Goonies fan, having visited the “Goonies house” and being fond of pirate narratives.
But if there’s something I’m an even bigger fan of than Goonies, it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the release of the second film has prompted plenty of merchandise. Here Lootcrate included a Q Fig of Rocket with a tiny angry Groot attacking, and it’s going to melt your heart. It can also go alongside my favorite Q Figs from previous boxes, including Jessica Jones and Doctor Strange.
Also included, a set of patches for the video game Destiny. Patches are usually a win–there’s plenty to apply them to in order to attend your favorite convention scene or geek hang-out.
This month’s theme, “Guardians” is more fully explained in the Lootcrate Magazine and the extended puzzle solving at activities you can check out online:
The pin for this month’s theme is Avatar: The Last Airbender, appropriate, and also extending the theme more into fantasy and animation as well as comics.
Lastly, a really satisfyingly substantial adult coloring book and set of pencils with sharpening to engage with your Star Wars fandom. With 30 images to color, that’s a win, whether you’d like to hoard it for yourself or share it with others. I like the idea of R2D2 and C3PO being “Guardians”, too. Certainly they intended to be with their rusty ‘droid hearts.
So, May’s Lootcrate? A big win for me. I will not be giving many, if any of these away to fellow geeks since so many are within my own wheelhouse. Time to don my red Goonies shirt and color some Star Wars.
Find out more about Lootcrate right here.

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