Fantagraphics To Publish New Alternative Comics Anthology ‘NOW’ In September

by Staff

As announced on The Comics Reporter on Sunday May 28th, in the form of an interview between Tom Spurgeon and Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics are going to be publishing a new Alternative Comics anthology titled NOW Vol. 1 in September.

The book is likely to be published three times a year, will be full color, and retail at $9.99 according to The Comics Reporter. Previously the editor of MOME, Reynolds explains why he decided to start a new anthology thus:

There was a lot of good work that I felt was probably being overlooked because of either the signal to noise ratio or even just the harsh realities of distribution. If you don’t live in a region that has a show like Short Run, you’re likely to never be exposed to a lot the work that’s there. And I came away from that show realizing that Fantagraphics can provide a platform to get the work out there. Not in huge numbers, necessarily, but in a way that not everyone has access to, whether it’s Diamond distribution to comic book stores, general trade bookstores, Amazon, as well as digital platforms like Kindle, Comixology, Google Play, etc.
Once I finally decided I had to do this, I just started sending out emails to cartoonists I admire, and the enthusiastic response — my call for entries for the first issue yielded enough material for three issues — has really buoyed me and made me think that this was very much a necessary thing right now.

Those cartoonists included in the first issue of NOW will include Gabrielle Bell, Dash Shaw, Noah Van Sciver, Malachi Ward, Rebecca Morgan, and many more.
Look out for more information on NOW Vol. 1 from Fantagraphics.

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