Firing At Shadows – Watch The Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peek And Episode 3 Promo

by Staff

Wynonna Earp, the comic-based occult western adventure series, landed on Syfy Channel for its second season premier last Friday, and it landed with a bang bang. Packed full of action, crazy shenanigans, emotional moments, and plenty of humor, the opener set us up for lots in store for fans this season.
The second episode addresses an even bigger emotional loop, however, that we only saw in passing in episode 1, and that is the absence of Willa Earp. In this Sneak Peek clip from Episode 2, we see how that particular shadow might be coming home to roost:

You can also watch the official episode 3 Promo for “Shed Your Skin”:

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