Van Jensen, Neil Collyer, Leila Del Duca Launch Fallen Suns For Chapterhouse In September

by Staff

In an impressive move for Canadian publisher Chapterhouse, new series Fallen Suns will arrive in September, written by Van Jensen with art by Neil Collyer and Leila Del Duca. Van Jensen is a prolific comic writer known for his work on Green Lantern Corps and The Flash as well as numerous creator-owned works. Leila Del Duca is the co-creator and artist on the breakaway success at Image Comics, Shutter and OGN Afar, also from Image. Covers will be by Miko Maclaszek. 

Fallen Suns is a sci-fi epic wherein an alien warrior called Pharos journeys to earth to give a warning, but instead leaves a trail of destruction across the planet. While he is awaiting executing for his crimes, an agent for Equilibrium, Parminder Patel, has to unravel Pharos’ history and the mystery behind his warning.
Is there any way to gain Pharos’ help protecting the earth?
We can expect Fallen Suns #1 in shops on September 27th, 2017.

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