SDCC ’17: Geoff Johns Talks Building A Bat Family Of Movies

by Erik Amaya

Even as Warner Bros. extends its plans for interconnected DC Comics films, there may be a pocket universe for the Batman coming. During Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017, DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns discussed the loose plans to bring the Bat Family to the screen with IGN.
“Batman is more than just Batman and, you know, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen an expansion of that universe,” said Johns. “We don’t want to do the same thing that has been done before. We want to build it out just like we built it out in the comics.” One thing that will be different is director Matt Reeves take on the long-in-development The Batman; which the director said will play up the detective aspect of the character. Also in development are films centering on Nightwing and Batgirl. The latter is being developed by Joss Whedon, who recently took over duties on Justice League.
Johns said that Whedon’s involvement was “super exciting,” adding, “He’s going to start that next year, and that’s just the start. We want to explore the Batman universe in a very big new way.” Maybe their will be room enough in this Bat Family films for Azreal and Batwing to get their spotlights. Could fans of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain get a special surprise in the years ahead?
All of the Bat projects, including The Batman, are still in development and not scheduled for release. Indeed, most of the studio’s developing projects, including Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Justice League Dark, The Flash: Flashpoint, and Green Lantern Corps, are unscheduled. According to Johns, the full schedule will be announced “when we’re ready and we have the films that we’re excited about.” Certainly a fair choice to make when projects like The Flash film and Justice League Dark have languished in development hell for years with a number of creative teams joining and departing.
But for the moment, DC fans will have Justice League to dine on in November and James Wan’s Aquaman next year.
(h/t: ScreenRant)

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