London Film and Comic Con: The Benedict Cumberbatch Top Ten

by Olly MacNamee


Needless to say, this was a packed panel and so one made up completely of questions from the floor was the right move, given how many people wanted to ask Benedict Cumberbatch questions.
Here then are the Top Ten points I gleaned from this light-hearted and enjoyable Q&A:

  1. Cumberbatch is still up for more Cabin Pressure, a small BBC Radio comedy that’s a hoot!
  2. He’s currently adding his voice to another adaption of The Grinch.
  3. A lot of female fans (and, I dare say, some of his male fans too) are keen for him to play Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. But, do we really need another adaption, really? Really?
  4. Whenever he’s been asked, at previous cons, about roles he’d like to play, whenever he’s answered that, it’s ended up as coming true.
  5. So, how would he feel about playing the next Bond? “No comment.” So, that’s not a (Dr.) no then, Benedict?
  6. He’s about to produce and star in the adaption of Ian McEwan’s novel, A Child In Time for the BBC.
  7. He loves exploring the flaws in the characters he plays. They all have them, and they’re often brought down by these selfsame flaws.
  8. Don’t ask him about Marvel’s The Infinity Wars.
  9. Don’t ask him about his private life. And, quite right too. It’s one of his golden rules. That and..
  10. He never talks about anything he’s in which is in development.

And, while there are things he won’t talk about, as you can see, he did cover quite a lot of ground nonetheless. A great guest who took the time out to ensure a young toddler dressed up as Thor had time to ask her question: what was his favourite colour?
Well, for a bonus point, it’s blue. What’s yours?

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