David Tennant Returns For Season Two Of Jessica Jones

by Erik Amaya

There’s probably a regeneration joke in this somewhere, but actor David Tennant will return in the second season of Jessica Jones.

As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, the actor is already one set in the purple duds of Kilgrave, the impressive season one villain with mind control powers. He’s also the source of a lot of Jessica’s trauma. The site revealed no other details about his role in the second season. But it’s easy to imagine flashbacks to their time together will still be a source of pain for Jessica. Alternatively, he could be a personified voice in her head. It’s a very old genre trope at this point though, so hopefully there’s a better spin on it.
And that’s presuming Tennant’s presence will be ongoing throughout the season.
The second season of the Netflix series sees Jessica still working through her ordeals and possibly learning the secret of her powers. Krysten Ritter returns as Jessica Jones, with Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss returning as Trish Walker and Jeri Hogarth, respectively. Newcomers include J.R. Ramirez as a new tenant in Jessica’s building and Leah Gibson as Ingrid. Janet McTeer will also appear as someone who will have “an enormous impact on Jessica’s life.” I’ve always assumed that means a therapist, but she could also be connected to Jessica’s mysterious abilities.
Jessica Jones returns to Netflix in 2018.

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