Anime Meets Merchandise In Bloody Bunny

by Tito W. James

Bloody Bunny is one of several mascot characters designed by 2Spot Studios in Thailand. 2Spot Studios designs characters and merchandise to appeal to the young adult market.
To help sell their character they produced a series of animated shorts that have been compiled into one mini-movie featured below. The Bloody Bunny Animated Movie is distinctive on several levels.

The title character is a wonderful hard-mix between cute and kickass intended to appeal to both boys and girls.The antagonists of the animation are dark parodies of kid’s toys. Disney characters, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Teletubbies, and Winnie the Pooh, all get the snot kicked out of them.
Bloody Bunny makes good use of cell-shaded graphics. In an industry where CG animation is all moving towards hyperrealism, it’s good to see a different art direction that doesn’t look cheap. Bloody Bunny still has an aesthetically appealing style that is worthy of the big screen but doesn’t cost a king’s ransom and an army to produce. All the atmospherics like water, fire, and wind are drawn with 2D animation. This mix of styles works brilliantly and looks like a complete whole instead of a psychedelic collage.
The electronic soundtrack pulls no punches and conveys mood and character at a fast pace. The audio technicians know when to ramp up the volume and when to drop the beat for dramatic effect. This goes beyond musical score and also applies to their brilliantly subtle SFX. The sound and music work together and never trip over each other. The audio-based storytelling is so clear you may forget that there isn’t any dialogue.
Kicking everything off with a first-person POV fight and ending a with an epic sword fight atop the back of a rampaging kaiju; Bloody Bunny has got great action! While too many CG movies are shot like a live action film, Bloody Bunny incorporates slow-motion, split-screen. unusual camera placement, and matrix pans.
The Bloody Bunny animated short clocks in at 11 minutes. This is average length of a Spongebob episode and yet it conveys a feature film level of epic storytelling. I hope that Bloody Bunny can be expanded into an Anime in the same vein RWBY. However, the loose action driven plot may be more suited to a video game. At the very least, animators young and old should take note of how you can make an epic out of something simple.

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