“Have Mercy!” Warming Up For Nine New Episodes Of Fuller House

by Christine Marie Attardo

Fans of Fuller House! We’re under a month until the Season 3 premiere date on Netflix. Are you excited? I’m excited. So, you know what that means…I’ve glued my eyes to the cast’s social media accounts for a clue…anything…that might lead us to news on what this upcoming season is all about.
Most recently, Candace Bure who plays D.J. shared this photo:

Doesn’t reveal much, huh?

These lovely ladies have surely formed a nice cast all on their own without the legacy cast. We have Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) in a serious relationship and D.J. has officially chosen her man. I’m still not convinced.
Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but the longing look that D.J. shot Steve at the BBQ during the finale of Season 2 left me thinking that maybe she’s still pining for Steve. What do you think? None the less, it looks like the cast is happy together. Check out the picture below:

It surely doesn’t get old to see this cast together having fun.
I’m curious to see how things will end up this season with the legacy cast. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky have a new baby after all. It’s nice to also see how close the cast is in real life.
Here’s John Stamos spending some time with Lori Loughlin (Becky) and Dave Coulier (Joey) on his birthday:

I think we can expect some kind of teaser any day now. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t released one already. In case you didn’t know yet, the first nine episodes of Season 3 will premiere on September 22nd on Netflix.
Something tells me they may be leaving us with a massive cliffhanger before the season break. What do you think? Tweet your theories at me @AWritersWay.

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