Putting The Mature In Slice Of Life – Wet Moon Is Back With “Drowned In Evil”

by Hannah Means Shannon

Oni Press has been publishing mature-themed slice of life comic Wet Moon for several volumes, and the fourth arrives this week in “Drowned in Evil“.

Relationship drama is at an all-time high when Cleo Lovedrop doesn’t succeed in being a good girlfriend to Myrtle.
In Wet Moon 4: “Drowned in Evil”:

Myrtle doesn’t like Cleo being away from her, and when Cleo goes to a comic convention with Trilby, she ends up kissing her good friend Mara. Even though Cleo has vowed to not keep any more secrets, this seems like something she shouldn’t tell anyone…

Wet Moon is written and drawn by Sophie Campbell.
Here’s a look at this new volume, courtesy of Oni Press:

Wet Moon 4: “Drowned in Evil” arrives in comic shops from Oni Press today, August 30th, 2017.

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