Teenage Perspective In And Out Of Costume In Go Go Power Rangers #2

by James Ferguson

There are pros and cons to being a Power Ranger. On one hand, you get super powers, cool costumes, and awesome giant robots. On the other, your social life takes a major hit as you can’t tell any friends or family about your alter ego. You can imagine what that must be like for a group of teenagers.

This hits Kimberly the hardest. She was already the new girl in school. Now she’s throwing her budding relationship with Matt into jeopardy to protect the world from Rita Repulsa and her monsters. Since Matt was only introduced to the Power Rangers mythos in the previous issue, I have a feeling he won’t be sticking around for that long. That’s unfortunate as he seems like a nice pairing for Kimberly. Of course, he’ll have to make room for Tommy later on.
Go Go Power Rangers gets to the heart of the characters behind the flashy costumes. We still have the colorful fight scenes, but they’re almost secondary to the teen drama that fills the majority of the book. Writer Ryan Parrott gets to the core essence of each of the characters, moving past nostalgia into authenticity. They’re real and relatable.
This works hand-in-hand with Dan Mora’s brilliant artwork. He captures so much in each image, adding a ton of context with just a glance. This comes through in Trini’s quick looks of admiration at Jason, Billy’s shameful glower at neglecting his schoolwork, and Zack’s ever-present smile.
Although each of them has dedicated themselves to being a Power Ranger, each is adjusting to it in different means, not all of them healthy. Billy has thrown himself into it completely which makes sense as this is probably a dream come true. Imagine being a dorky nerd all your life and then one day you become a super hero piloting a dinosaur-shaped robot. That would change your entire world.

While the focus is on Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Kimberly, there’s still a good chunk of time dedicated to their lives in costume. Parrott works to establish some of the rules of the Power Rangers that have never really been explained, like how they all suddenly know kung fu or control their zords. This isn’t entirely necessary as we’ve lived without them for years, but it’s a very welcome addition.

We know the origin of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now we’re getting the origin of this group of friends, learning what made them the perfect choice to put on the suits and fight evil beyond the pre-requisite of “teenagers with attitude.” Go Go Power Rangers is the perfect addition to the complement to the main Power Rangers comic while also standing on its own as a solid read for new and old fans alike.
Go Go Power Rangers #2 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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