Advance Review: ‘Frontiersman’ #5 Goes For A Dip

by Benjamin Hall


A villainous attack occurs on Frontiersman’s locale. Meanwhile things continue to get worse publicity-wise for Frontiersman. Can an old adventurer hold his ground and come out on top? Or will this issue end with greater aftereffects for him?


This issue has another wraparound cover. However, this cover is not as nice looking as the previous ones in this series. The main problem is it goes too heavy on the texture via the use of cross-hatching and the color palette. Arguably the color palette also enhances the busy feeling of the cover. Another problem is the proportions are off in select places. For example Frontiersman’s right leg is way too thin. Lastly, the colors of the issue number and price point somewhat clash due to their respective placements.

Frontiersman #5 cover by artist Maurizio Rosenzweig.

In comparison to the previous issues, this issue’s interiors focus more on action than conversation. Yet, there is still a fair amount of character development, especially for the supporting cast. However, the visual characterization is definitely stronger than what one gets from the writing. This is due not just to the action, but also cause this issue provides an anti-climax to some build-up from the previous issues. On the plus side the action looks dynamic and features pretty solid line work. Also the coloring is wide-ranging and high quality.

Unfortunately while this issue still features some conversation it is mostly banter, and an overly long gag. Yes, the lettering is still nice in terms of the placement and (arguably) the sizing. And yes, the writing is still rather intelligent. However, it is definitely a dip in quality when one compares it to the conversations of previous issues. Not to mention this issue concludes with some panels that do not have the best choreography or dialogue for the moments. Thus, this issue’s execution is merely competent versus high quality. Hopefully the following issues will see a return to form.

Frontiersman #5 comes out January 26th, 2022 from Image Comics. Its creative team consists of writer Patrick Kindlon, artist Marco Ferrari, letterer Jim Campbell, and cover artist Maurizio Rosenzweig

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