You Can Now Read Comics As Told By Disney Emojis From Joe Books

by Hannah Means Shannon
Joe Books has announced the launch of a new series of comics titled, As Told by Disney Emoji which are Cinestory Comics.
As Told by Disney Emoji are animated shorts that retell classic Disney stories using emojified versions of popular characters. The video series has had over 130 million worldwide views and ties into the Disney Emoji Blitz game.

Launching this month, Joe Books will be publishing the graphic novel adaptations of emojified versions of Beauty and the Beast, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Zootopia.
Here’s an example of how these emoji stories work, from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Joe Books has been publishing cinestory comics for some time, releasing over 40 titles and shipping over 800,000 units since the company’s inception in 2014.
Joe Books President Steve Osgoode says:

We’re excited to expand the reach of Disney Emoji’s innovative, multiplatform franchise by adapting it to our cinestory comic format. We’re big fans of the As Told by Disney Emoji videos and look forward to giving readers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite Disney characters and stories in such a fun way.

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