The Mike Weiringo Tellos Tribute Book 2 Will Debut At Baltimore Comic-Con

by Hannah Means Shannon

Baltimore Comic-Con returns for its 18th year on the weekend of September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2017.
In this year of the inaugural Ringo Awards, there’s going to be a rather substantial memorial volume dedicated to Mike Weiringo, created by Todd Dezaugo and over 200 “friends, fans, and heroes” to Weiringo. The 500 page, two-volume book will “continue the tale” originally published in Dezaugo and Weiringo’s fantasy series Tellos.

The Mike Weiringo Tellos Tribute Book 2: By Thy Side will debut at Baltimore Comic-Con, featuring:

…sword-wielding tigers and high-flying pirates, a boy with a magikal amulet and a fox who’s a thief, dragons and mages and ogres and faeries, Tellos is a fanciful, all-ages roller-coaster ride of an adventure, illustrated by hundreds of the industry’s top artists!

Many of the artists in the volume will be at the show and involved in a panel that remembers “Ringo” to discuss creating the new book. An exclusive signing following the panel will give readers an opportunity to get autographs from many of the artists involved.
Dezaugo says:

Mike was greatly loved-and is greatly missed. It was heart-warming to see so many fantastic artists contribute their time and talents to this memorial to Mike.

All of the proceeds from this project are being donated to the ASPCA in Mike Wieringo’s name.

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