One More Inhumans Trailer Tries To Amp Up The Excitement

by Erik Amaya

ABC posted a new trailer for Friday’s Inhumans debut and it tries its best to raise the excitement level as Maximus begins his coup against the Royal Family of Attilan. Oh, there’s also plenty of Lockjaw.

Though I saw the first two episodes during that unfortunate IMAX run, I’m curious to see if the remixed version of the debut — new material will be reportedly added for the ABC premiere — can fix some of the more onerous mistakes; like Maximus’ coup being scored by terrible covers of “Break on Through” and “Paint it Black.” I also want the thing to correct course and find some way to make the Royal Family appealing as they settle in Hawaii. That moment with Karnak (Ken Leung) in the trailer is one of the better scenes in the series so far and it needs to strike that tone more often.
But I suppose we’ll soon see if Inhumans can thrive when it debuts Friday on ABC.
(h/t: EW)

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