The Henson Company To Produce Flight Of The Navigator Remake

by Erik Amaya


It is once again time for “compliance” as word comes that Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson will write a new take on Flight of the Navigator.
The original film, distributed by Disney in 1986, starred Joey Cramer as a boy from 1978 who happens upon an automated alien spaceship. When the boy reappears eight years later having not aged a day, NASA scientists get involved and discover his mind is filled with star charts. They also find the spaceship, but they’re certainly not going to tell the boy about that. Eventually, the ship’s AI needs the star charts back and promises to take the boy home.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Henson Company will produce the eventual film, which hopefully means the ship and its AI will be realized via puppets and not CGI. Well, the interiors anyway. The egg-like exterior would look quite strange as a practical effect.
For those wondering how Henson got a hold of a Disney property, it turns out the film was made (and owned) by a separate company with a delightfully generic name: Producers Sales Organization. And though that name inspires no sense of movie magic at all, they also bankrolled The Neverending Story.
Hmm, I wonder if the rights to that property are available?

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