Highly Original Horror To Watch This Halloween Season

by Tito W. James

It’s that time of year again when you feel in the mood for some spooky entertainment. Fear not dear readers; check out my recommended Halloween Watch List and you won’t be left alone in the dark.

Originally intended as a spin-off of American Horry Story: Coven, Scream Queens follows characters in a college sorority stalked by a serial killer in a devil costume. The show is a hyperbolic horror comedy that delivers more laughs than scares, however the show isn’t light in tone. When it comes to creative kills and cutting satire, Scream Queens is merciless.

Designed to look on the surface like a generic horror movie, Cabin in the Woods is a deconstruction of the horror genre that evolves into an action adventure film. If you want a serious scary movie look elsewhere, but if you want an original movie with tons of monsters and horror homages put on Cabin in the Woods an get the party started.

The original Scream paved the way for deconstructionist horror. Without Scream we wouldn’t have more self-aware horror like Cabin In The Woods or Scream Queens. It knows the tropes and clichés of horror to exploit and subvert them. The Ghostface killer is one of my favorite horror movie villains because he’s literally a dude in a mask running around with a knife. He’s not cool or slick. Ghostface will mess up and trip over his costume while trying to stab his victims to death. His humanity makes him vulnerable and all the more terrifying.

Much like Cabin In The Woods, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated lures you into thinking this is an ordinary Scooby-Doo show before completely flipping the formula on its head. In this version, the characters have distinct personalizes, motivations, and flaws. There are funny monsters and down right terrifying villains. Everything is tied together with one long mystery that will make you reassess everything you ever thought you knew about Scooby-Doo.

It’s Batman vs Dracula! Need I say more? The Batman TV series doesn’t get enough credit and this is their best work. The animation team does an excellent job on portraying two iconic characters that are destined to be mortal enemies. If you’re still on the fence about watching it, here’s two words for you…Vampire Joker.

When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni) was so unnerving that I could only watch this Anime during the daytime. I’m giving you a screen-shot out of context so you be twice as shocked by how serious the show gets. Only watch episodes 1-4. They tell a complete story and the remaining episodes get progressively more gory and less scary.

Another is the smartest and scariest show on this list. The story unfolds with a slow burn that manages to make daytime conversations disturbing. This is the only anime to make me feel physically ill after watching the final episode. It’s an ordeal I think I can only manage once in my life. So if you’re feeling constipated, be sure to watch it.

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