NYCC ’17: The Woods Concludes With Cake At Forbidden Planet NYC

by Hannah Means Shannon

Forbidden Planet NYC hosted a big signing event tonight ahead of New York Comic Con, and it was one that celebrated the release of the final issue of The Woods, by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas, but also the arrival of the first issue of Eugenic, written by Tynion IV and drawn by Eryk Donovan.

Also signing to celebrate their books were Clay McLeod Chapman, the writer of Lazaretto, and Alan Robert, the artist and writer on Beauty of Horror and Beauty of Horror II.

The lines were quite substantial, and the store actually got busier as time went on.
Mr. Chapman is very serious.  
Then, a very nice surprise arrived, a cake commemorating the conclusion of The Woods, complete with cover image on the cake.
To my horror, I was too full from eating dinner just beforehand to consume this wonderful cake, so I persuaded’s Noah Sharma eat it instead. He said it was very good and I am inclined to believe him. Noah is such a big fan of The Woods that he even wore a commemorative t-shirt to the event. Look for him to comment more on the epic conclusion of the series published by Boom! Studios.

And if you see these folks at NYCC ’17, make sure to congratulate them on their books.

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