It’s Owen Teague Joins Locke & Key

by Erik Amaya


It‘s Owen Teague is the latest member of the film’s cast to join the ranks of Hulu’s pilot for Locke & Key.
Based on the IDW comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the pilot sees the surviving members of the Locke Family moving to a Massachusetts town following the death of husband and father Rendell. Soon, youngest Locke sibling Bode (It‘s Jackson Robert Scott) discovers their new home contains magical doorways unlocked with equally magical keys. The rest of the family includes mother Nina (Frances O’Connor), older brother Tyler (Jack Mulhern) sister Kinsey (It‘s Megan Charpentier) and uncle Duncan (Nate Corddry).
Deadline reports Teague will play Sam Lesser, a trouble young man whose outburst of violence leads to Rendell’s death and the family moving across the country from San Francisco to Lovecraft, MA. Though Sam is a recurring character in the comic book series, his presence in the pilot suggests the last hours of Rendell Locke’s life may be dramatized.
The Hulu pilot will be the second attempt to bring Locke & Key to television. The previous 2010 FOX pilot starred The Lord of the Rings‘ Miranda Otto as Nina, Sarah Bolger as Kinsey, Jesse McCartney as Tyler and Nick Stahl as Uncle Duncan. The network ultimately passed on the series, but the pilot haunts the doorways of dubious black market outlets.
This new attempt will be helmed by It director Andy Muschietti, which accounts for the large number of the film’s actors coming on board.

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