Can Mulder Choose Between Family And The Truth? Preview The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1

by Olly MacNamee

In a week when President Trump has avowed to release classified documents surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, IDW are also set to release their own take on this infamous moment from contemporary American history, and it has more to with Mulder’s dad, it would seem, than Lee Harvey Oswald or a second shooter.

When he learns the real reason behind President Kennedy’s assassination, Mulder also discovers his father was involved in the conspiracy. This revelation forces him to decide between the two things he holds most sacred: his family and the truth. It’s bombshell after bombshell in The X-Files: JFK Disclosure!

Well, you can find out for yourselves who really did it – honest – in The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1 out this Wednesday the 25th of October written by Denton J Tipton with painted art by Menton3, reminiscent of Bill Sienkiewicz. The truth is out there, and apparently it’s in your LCBS.
And, ahead of this debut issue’s release we have a few preview pages below:

The X-Files: JFK Disclosure #1 Is out Wednesday 25th October priced $4.99 from IDW.

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